From digital to the real world

Take your finances to another level with Futcard

The card that lets you to take your digital assets wherever you want. In Sweden or abroad, for online purchases or to pay for services, for in-store or online purchases.

One card for everything
you need

Pay your purchases online

Use your Futcard to pay for any of your purchases online.

Withdraw cash

Go to any ATM and convert your digital assets into cash in your local currency.


Access limits that fit your needs. Pay wherever and whenever you want.

Control and security

Can't find your card? Pause it from your account so no one can use it. Found it? Activate it again and continue enjoying your assets.

Use your money
in style with

Our innovative Futcard cards are designed to fit your plan and lifestyle. Choose your account type and receive your Futcard to pay around the world.

Our Cards

 Program nameLoad limitValue for issue
Futcard 1k$1,000 USD$29.90 EUR
Futcard 2.5k$2,500 USD$29.90 EUR
Futcard 5k$5,000 USD$39.90 EUR
Start Black$10,000 USD$39.90 EUR
Premium Blue$25,000 USD$59.90 EUR
VIP Silver$100,000 USD500 EUR

* Shipping cost may vary by country.


Know about
our corporate programs

We have special agreements and negotiations for businesses and companies that wish to deliver cards to their workers. All under a white label model.

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corporate program