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Futswap protects your assets while growing them, enabling you to meet the growing demand for access to digital assets and private securities.

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Benefits and guarantees
for the custodian

Legal Security and Efficient Structuring

Our Swedish Trust Company provides robust legal security and efficient asset structuring. By using our company to protect their assets, clients benefit from a strong legal framework that ensures their wealth is managed and safeguarded according to their specifications and wishes. This is especially important in cross-border situations, where legal complexities can significantly increase.

Estate Planning and Wealth Protection

We provide expert services in estate planning and wealth protection, enabling clients to ensure that their assets are transferred to future generations in accordance with their wishes, and in a tax-efficient manner. This includes the ability to set specific conditions for the transfer of assets, ensuring that the wealth is utilized in the way the client has envisioned.

Confidentiality and Privacy

We offer a high degree of confidentiality and privacy, essential for clients seeking to protect their financial and personal information. In an era where information security is paramount, our company ensures that the details of ownership structures and client assets remain private and secure, away from public scrutiny and unauthorized third parties.

Investment Management and Diversification

We offer professional investment management, ensuring that assets are not only safe but also effectively grown and diversified. Our expertise in asset management and investment strategies tailored to each client means we can provide solutions that balance risk and return, tailored to the individual financial needs and goals of our clients.

Associated costs
to the custody of assets

ServiceCostAdditional Notes
Setup Fee9,000 SEKInitial cost for establishing custody.
Annual Maintenance Fee30,000 SEK annuallyFixed annual fee for account management.
Transaction Commission1% of valueCharged on each Outgoing  transaction.
Reporting and Balances Fee900 SEK annuallyIncludes financial reports and account statements.
Additional Consultancy Fee3,000 SEK/hourFor specialized financial or legal advice.
Early Withdrawal Cost3% of valueIf assets are withdrawn before the agreed term.
Performance Commission30% on gainsCharged on investment gains.