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The Futswap Neobanking ecosystem combines payments, dedicated IBANs, foreign exchange, e-commerce payment acquisition, mobile point of sale, cash rewards and expense management.

All in one streamlined solution that enables corporate, small and medium-sized business customers to manage their finances and payments.

Dedicated IBAN

Futswap offers multi-currency IBANs to send and receive payments internationally.

FX Currency

Exchange multiple currencies in real time quickly and securely with Futswap Exchange.

Dedicated Multi-currency IBAN

Simplify your trading: Futswap allows you to trade all currencies with a single IBAN.


Futswap offers different payment options to all clients in the most important currencies in the world.

Soft POS & Card

Increase your transaction volumes by reducing entry barriers with advanced software.

Local Payments

Futswap allows businesses to transfer money internationally in more than 200 countries.


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Futswap as
a Service

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Merchant Lending

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Using your account after validating your ID:
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Save time: take advantage of our service 24-hour online customer service

Use the most important Fiats in the world

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Lending Trust

Are you a holder and need liquidity?

Take advantage of the benefits of long-term profitability while obtaining liquidity through loans with competitive interest rates.

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