Securities Custodian

Futswap protects your business assets while growing them, enabling you to meet the growing demand for access to digital assets and private securities.

Custody Futswap

What can we

*No restrictions

Benefits and guarantees
for the custodian

Asset safekeeping

We are a regulated and licensed entity as a custodian bank, so you can be sure that your assets are safely protected.

Different types of accounts

We provide access to custody, retirement and trust accounts that adjust to the client's risk level and needs.

Control and audit

We have strict protocols for process management, including internal and external audits to keep your assets and transactions always protected.

Secure wallet architecture

We implement a hot and cold wallet structure to balance security and ease of access.

Associated costs
to the custody of securities

Monthly charges
Custodian Account

bp (percent basis), ex. 1,000,000 = 2,500 BP / monthly

Minimum balance Foreign exchange Crypto Other assets
Companies 100,000.00 €
White Label On demand On demand On demand On demand

Protect the assets
of your business

while you make them grow